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# there is only one happiness in life.
* to lorve and to be lorved.

; make me the angel of all your dreams -
' let me be the one to lorve you all your life.

Aishiteru *

; * Mysteriaa - designs





; * Dream of Me -
Make Me Yours Now and Forever

I wanna be with you forever wifout leaving u
u will alwaes be in my heart alwaes and never will i forget u

My dream will only contain our dreams
ouR sweEt drEamLanD

ouR faIrYlanD is pLacE in a sPecIaL coRneR oF mY heaRt
Your Sweetest Smile

tHe sweEt oN uR faCe wiLL rEmiNd mE daT u r stIll heRe
U R e 1 I loVe

oUr dReaMs, oUr dEstiNy, oUR fAiRylAnD
wIll neVeR bE rEpLacEd wItH aNitInG
aS daYs paSs uR shAdowS aReN't vIsibLe 2 mIIe aNimOrE
wHeN snOw fAlLs

u R nO loNgER deRe
To give You Light and Warmth

To Glow in Your Heart
bUt u weRe nO whEre 2 bE foUnd eveN in mY heArt
When the Rain Pours

and Im Standing in the Cold
Waiting for You

I want You to Come and Shelter Me
and Whisper in my Ear

"I Love You"
loVe u fOrevEr
; lOsT wiThoUt u-

; lOsT loVe caNt bE foUnD -
copyrighteds *